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We Are Raptors

We Are Raptors

About Us

We are capable of freshly paving the way for your organization within the suitable IT solutions and digital transformation; in order to accelerate your business growth.

We push the business processes to run more effectively, as we believe that there is no complexity in business.

Raptors’ dedicated teams are ready to help leverage SAP emerging technologies & innovation or enhance your existing SAP investment to become a modern intelligent enterprise.

About Raptors

40+ Years of combined experience!

Our Vision & Mission ?


Providing SME businesses with elite, affordable and rapid digital transformation services.


Helping every customer to accelerate their business with data-driven sustainable business value.

Our Story

“It is easy to implement or configure a system or IT solution, but it is challenging to deliver a value”

From here! Raptors was born, After 17+ years of hard working, we’ve figured out that we need to run a quality-implementation for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), that involves business process-modeling and engineering.

We have implemented systems that go beyond the typical configuration, systems that deliver a value for our customers. In other words, the value lies in enabling our customers to optimize their business processes, in addition to their capability to predict and adapt to the current market conditions.

Raptors has come to reality, insuring and delivering values throughout digital transformation, not stereotypical systems' implementation, and this has been our vision from the very beginning.

Our Culture

In Raptors, we work as a family that is always eager and dedicated to understand the challenges faced by our customers and help them employ a growth mindset to promote change management; to achieve digital experience.

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